Individual Partnership Action Plan



Armenia-NATO relations date back to 1992, when Armenia joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (renamed the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, EAPC, in 1997).

Cooperation deepened and broadened after Armenia joined the Partnership for Peace programme in 1994. Armenia’s participation in the PfP Planning and Review Process since 2002 and its first contribution to KFOR in 2004 further deepened relations. NATO and Armenia agreed on the country’s first Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) in late 2005.

Armenia and NATO cooperate on democratic, institutional, and defense reforms, and have developed practical cooperation in many other areas, including peacekeeping operations. The Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) lays out the programme of cooperation between Armenia and NATO and sets out a wide-ranging roadmap for reforms.

Armenia has high level of practical and political cooperation with NATO.

Framework for cooperation

Armenia sets out its reform plans and timelines in its Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), which is jointly agreed for a three-year period. Armenia’s IPAP is geared towards strengthening political dialogue between NATO and Armenia and to supporting Armenia’s democratic and defense reforms.

The wide-ranging nature of the IPAP means that Armenia is not only cooperating with NATO in the defense sphere, but is in regular consultation with the Allies on rule of law, transparency of reforms, counter-terrorism and the fight against corruption. As part of the IPAP, NATO agrees to support Armenia in achieving its reform goals through providing focused advice and assistance.

Armenia is an active and steady contributor to NATO-led operations. Armenia has been contributing to KFOR since 2004. Currently, an Armenian platoon of light infantry consisting of some 35 personnel serves within the USA contingent in KFOR Multi-National Battle Group. Armenia contributed troops to ISAF since early 2010. In 2011 Armenia has tripled its contribution to ISAF, and provides three light infantry platoon (121 personnel serving with German forces in Masar-i-Sharif and Kabul). From January 2015, after the end of ISAF mission, the same contingent serves in the new, NATO led Resolut Support Mission (RSM).

Armenia also cooperates with NATO and other Partner countries in a wide range of other areas through the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC). Armenia tailors its participation in the PfP programme through an annual Individual Partnership Programme, selecting those activities that will help achieve the goals it has set in the IPAP.