Public diplomacy

Armenia intends to raise public awareness of NATO and Armenia’s cooperation with the Alliance, as well as to improve public information in support of its defense and security reforms. In line with this, NATO continues to provide advice and support where requested, including relevant training and consultations. An information centre on NATO was established in Yerevan in 2006 with the support of the Armenian government and NATO.

The Armenian government’s public information efforts on cooperation with NATO continue, in particular through the organization by the MFA of an annual NATO week. Public awareness is also raised through a number of NGOs in particular the NATO Information Centre in Yerevan. Armenian government public information efforts on cooperation with NATO continued in 2010. Important events were NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Rose Roth Seminar hosted by National Assembly in March 2010 and a NATO week on 14-18 June 2010. In the framework of this week, an EAPC Seminar on Public Perceptions on NATO Operations and Security/Defence Sector Reform was organised by the MFA in cooperation with PDD. A group of Armenian think tankers and journalists visited NATO in November 2010 in the framework of a PDD sponsored visit of opinion leaders from South Caucasus. A basic concept paper on improving public awareness on NATO-Armenia cooperation (“The Concept of Public Awareness on Armenia-NATO Cooperation”) was approved in Spring 2010 and an interagency group of press secretaries was created to ensure the implementation of the concept.