Defence Security and Military Issues

The Defence Policy of the Republic of Armenia aims at ensuring the security and fundamental values of the Republic of Armenia and strengthening peace and stability in the region. The Armenian Defence Policy is defensive in nature and aims to develop security guarantees and the creation of the necessary politico-military preconditions to find a peaceful solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The defence policy also supports the international fight against terrorism, participation to international operations and improved interoperability with the forces of a range of nations and international security organisations.

Security cooperation

Since joining the PfP in 1994, Armenia has contributed to Euro-Atlantic security alongside NATO Allies. Armenian troops have worked alongside those of NATO countries in peacekeeping operations in Kosovo since 2004. Currently, an Armenian platoon of light infantry consisting of some 35 personnel serves within the USA contingent in KFOR Multi-National Battle Group. Armenia contributed troops to ISAF since early 2010. In 2011 Armenia has tripled its contribution to ISAF, and provides three light infantry platoon (121 personnel serving with German forces in Masar-i-Sharif and Kabul). From January 2015, after the end of ISAF mission, the same contingent serves in the new, NATO led Resolut Support Mission (RSM).

Armenia is cooperating with NATO and individual Allies on facilitating the interoperability of the Armenian armed forces with those of NATO countries. This includes development of a peacekeeping brigade, with combat support and combat service support units, using NATO standards. Armenia and NATO are also in consultations over the reform of Armenian military education practices.

Armenia’s participation in the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP) since 2002 is helping develop the ability of its forces to work with NATO. PARP is a core element of Armenia’s cooperation with NATO.

Defense and security sector reform

NATO is supportive of the wide-ranging democratic and institutional reform process underway in Armenia.  In the area of defense and security sector reform, NATO and individual Allies have considerable expertise that Armenia can draw upon.

A key priority for Armenia is to ensure democratic control of the armed forces. Armenia’s participation in Partnership Action Plan on Defense Institution Building initiative is reinforcing these efforts.

The MoD completed its Strategic Defence Review (SDR) based on its Strategic Documents while continuing to improve its defence planning and budgeting system and the development of the Peacekeeping Brigade.

The MoD has made good progress in strengthening civilian control and in engaging more with civil society.